To be used after 8th March '15
For McDelivery Stores 
McDelivery  .jpg
For Kurkshetra & Golden Temple Stores 
Masala Grill (for Kurkushetra & Golden temple Stores )  .jpg
New BP Standee images for reference
  For those store which do not serve Saucy Wraps 
photo.JPG HAPPY BP Standee .JPG
Merchandise Calendar : Effective from 1st March '15
FINAL ----Breakfast Rs42 Shopfront 3x5 (1).jpg
FINAL----Normal Regular & Regular-2 Standee 30x44 (1).jpg
How Spicy is McSpicy .jpg
HM : Ben 10 and Hello Kitty - From 13th March to 9th April '15  
DT VIP Offer 8x14.jpg
DT VIP Offer Sticker.jpg
HM - Ben 10 & Hello Kitty Shopfront.jpg
Double  MDS Flyer Front_  Delhi Breakfast.jpg
Double DT Flyer Regular Without BF_ Front.jpg